Who Run The World?

Women, what beautiful beings..
Beyonce already let us all know that women run the world! If you don't believe her look inside you or the women you know.
We acquire a strength like no other; we are fighters, protectors, we take on the world and their sons and daughters and triumph in our own right.
Being black and a women is a beautiful thing but the world we live in unfortunately says otherwise in an array of  sectors. I was told by a successful black male who happens to be a dear friend that i will face many economical struggles just based on those two factors, and that information wouldn't be told to me by the white counterparts i was previously working with.
When you are born into a family of strong, driven and powerful women whether supported or not by their significant others there is a fire that naturally burns within. Sometimes you carry that flame from birth, sometimes it takes a series of events or just one event to prompt that phoenix to rise.
With the recent media coverage of the many issues worldwide it can feel as though the odds are against you, especially if you're a Black Female but let's be clear, these issues have been present all along the media is just focusing on it a tad bit more. Through the decades of unfairness and blatant discrimination and judgement women all around the world have fought against the system and so many are thriving!
There will always be hardships and for some more than others based on the cruel world we live in but let's shed some light on UK Women in the industry that have made their mark through consistency, talent and hard work...
Alize Demange
Celebrity Stylist & Consultant
Clara Amafo
BBC 1 Radio Host & Presenter
Eva Apio
Fashion Model
Taslima Khan
Celeb Stylist & Art/Creative Director
Henrie Kwushue
DJ & Presenter

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