When the world speaks of the UK music scene they instantly think of artists like Adele, Dua Lipa, Ed Sheeran and Elton John. The most urban artist that comes up on google in the top 10 is Stormzy. We thank Stormzy for being a part of the cool crowd to share some insight into the music that was grown and bred in the uk but, unfortunately that just isn't enough. One thing that is completely missing are our UK female rappers. We know that the rap scene is evolving and the UK grime sound is influencing artist across the globe but yet the individuals birthing the sounds are missing. 

Stefflon Don before she blew hustled every day to get her music out, she had her usp down with her cultural elements seeping through, her personal style and genuine love for the craft got her performing internationally and loved by many. Ms. Dynamite was the first female rapper I related to, garage was our music and her collaborations and epic solos such as booo' did something different and when played years later brings us back to that moment in time whether you experienced it or not. Women are lacking in all industries that encourage power and leadership but our female rappers are pushing through to be heard and respected in their given sector. Most artists male or female of all genres are generally influenced by American artists, whether that be because that was what they were surrounded with or whether that's all there was to surround them with. Rap in particular wasn't something that the English could really adopt, maybe lack of rhythm was to blame or maybe poetry just wasn't their forte; which ever reason culturally we related to the US.

Surely the goal is for UK female rappers to create music so influential that in years to come it is their music and names passed down through generations.There are multiple talented rappers on the rise but what is it that gets them Recognised?

 Lady Leshurr in 2016 won a Mobo award for best female act. Her flow and lyrical content was like no other and to this day not many can come close to her originality. The award was based on talent through and through and that is something hard to come by these days.

 What do we really want
Or expect from female rap these days?
If we take rap back to the 90's when music generally was at its best we can really only reference the US.
They delivered lil Kim, foxy brown, Missy Elliot, Trina and a hell of a lot more but most of their content was basically about keeping up with men despite being women.
Not sure if much has changed content wise, but like then there are a few gems that have the ability to dig deeper and deliver something different to the rest. 
Back then Natalie Stewart from Floetry eloquently rapped verses of substance; now it's your lady Leshurr's and Little Simz. This new skool rap influenced by old skool rap can be repetitive, but we are thankful for the unique style and sound of UK artists, period! The rise of female rappers in the UK are increasing but who will do enough to influence and inspire the generations to come?

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