Custom clothing is becoming the new craze;
People are realising that exclusivity is the way forward and obtaining a perfectly crafted leather jacket or a dress made of natural fabric can help save the world.
Will fast fashion soon be something of the past?
There are plenty of independent UK designers out there catering to the masses. The crucial need for sustainability and eco friendly collections are becoming more and more requested than ever before, forcing established well known brands to pay attention.
Custom clothing is becoming its own pandemic and for the right price you can attain something unique and well fitted, but how does one stand out? The world we live in is a visual world and when people relate, genuinely like an item and can rely on reviews/ word of mouth they are sold.
Fast fashion generally appeals to the masses because at some point everyone has needed something these retailers had and needed it NOW. There selling point is that they deliver a variety of clothing in multiple colours and sizes available to purchase there and then. Sometimes it's exactly what we need, a lot of times it acts like a plaster, a reusable one that can only really be worn once again because the whole world is in it or, it simply doesn't stand the test of time.
Realistically I doubt fast fashion will ever completely go as they will always have an audience.
Not everyone can afford custom wear and truthfully not everyone takes much notice of the damaging effects fast fashion has on the environment.
I would still encourage you to try it out and do your part for the environment but if that doesn't interest you try it out for the joy of exclusivity and save yourself some money in the long run.

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